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All-you-can-eat hotpot with quality beef at Pot of Soup 斗滾 in Sai Wan, Hong Kong (near HKU)

Pot of Soup | Best All-You-Can-Eat Hotpot in Hong Kong

Pot of Soup (斗滾)
Overall Rating
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Pot of Soup (斗滾) is an all-you-can-eat Cantonese hotpot restaurant in Shek Tong Tsui, Sai Wan, featuring chicken pot, steamed seafood and hotpot. Read our review of Pot of Soup now.

Pot of Soup: Sai Wan Hotpot Restaurant

All-you-can-eat hotpot with quality beef at Pot of Soup 斗滾 in Sai Wan, Hong Kong (near HKU)
Hong Kong
Sai Wan
Price Range

Pot of Soup: Review & Photos

Chicken Pot

▮ Dish 1: Signature Mixed Chicken Pot|✯ : 6.5/10 🉑
▯ Free-flow chicken pot with five levels of spiciness

Chicken pot at Pot of Soup, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Chicken pot
Hong Kong style chicken hot pot
Chicken pot

The portion size was a bit small for two people, and the quality of the chicken was average, with more bones than meat. The sauce was decent, but the onions and other accompanying ingredients lacked fragrance, resulting in a less flavourful chicken. (We followed the cooking instructions, although it’s possible that our cooking may not have been optimal).


▮ Dish 2: Seafood Feast|✯ : 5/10 ❌
▯ Abalone, razor clams, scallops, prawns, clams, Sanuki udon noodles

Seafood platter with abalone, razor clams, scallops, prawns, clams, Sanuki udon noodles at Pot of Soup Hong Kong
Seafood platter

This dish was visually appealing but fell short in terms of taste. Among the various seafood options, only the razor clams and mussels had a somewhat good flavour. The rest were bland, especially the scallops and prawns, which lacked taste except for the garlic seasoning. Additionally, the texture of the seafood was somewhat mushy. The Sanuki udon noodles were of poor quality, overcooked and mushy, making it difficult to enjoy.

Abalone in seafood platter at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Razor clam in seafood platter at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Razor clam
Scallop in seafood platter at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Shrimp in seafood platter at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Clam in seafood platter at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Sanuki udon in seafood platter at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Sanuki udon


▮ Dish 3: Nourishing Hot Pot|✯ : 7.5/10 ✅
▯ Tomato and potato soup base with clams

Pot of Soup 斗滾 all-you-can-eat hotpot in Hong Kong
Tomato and potato soup base with clams

There were four soup base options to choose from. Besides the tomato and potato clams soup base we ordered, there were also fish maw and dried scallop, and coriander and preserved egg options. The soup base was well-prepared, with a pleasant sweetness and rich ingredients. The clams were abundant, making it a commendable choice.

▮ Dish 4: Free-flow Hot Pot Ingredients|✯ : 8.5/10 ✅✅
▯ Hand-cut beef neck shoulder, over 40 free-flow hot pot ingredients

Hand-cut beef neck shoulder on a wooden plate at Pot of Soup 斗滾
Hand-cut beef neck shoulder
Hand-cut beef neck shoulder into a hotpot
Hand-cut beef neck shoulder

This was the highlight of the entire meal! The hand-cut beef had evenly distributed marbling, with rich beef flavour and tender texture. The thickness was also just right! Moreover, every plate maintained a high level of quality, making it the best beef I have ever tasted in all-you-can-eat hotpot in Hong Kong.

Black pig slices on a wooden plate at 斗滾 Pot of Soup Hong Kong
Black pig slices
Black pig slice for hotpot at 斗滾 Pot of Soup Hong Kong
Black pig slice

In addition to beef, they also provided high-quality black pig slices for hotpot!

Cuttlefish balls for hotpot at Pot of Soup Sai Wan
Cuttlefish balls
Squid for hotpot at Pot of Soup Sai Wan

The refrigerated section had a wide variety of ingredients, but the must-try item is the cuttlefish balls. They had a strong cuttlefish flavour (also the best I’ve ever had) and a bouncy, chewy texture that shouldn’t be missed. There were other hot pot ingredients available, but because these three items were so delicious, we didn’t have room to try the others. We’ll save them for next time.


▮ Dish 5: Dessert|✯ : 7/10 ✅
▯ Coconut Jelly with Bird’s Nest

Coconut milk with bird's nest dessert
Coconut milk with bird’s nest

After indulging in the main courses, we were quite full. The coconut jelly with bird’s nest was satisfying, with a suitable level of sweetness.

Pot of Soup: Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant: Pot of Soup (斗滾)
  • Address: G/F and 1/F, Sik On House, 54-66 Hill Road, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong
  • Directions: HKU MTR station (Exit B2)
  • Hours: 17:00 – 00:00
  • Contact number: +852 6730 6060

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