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DAK Coffee Roasters | Berramisu – Costa Rica Villa Sarchi Submerged Anaerobic

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Wild Berries, Mango, White Chocolate, Vanilla


Our only Costa Rican of the season is here! A creamy and fruity submerged anaerobic from Don Senel Micromill. Tasting like wild berries, white chocolate & vanilla cream.

Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Brunca
Producer: Don Senel
Altitude: 1800 masl
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Process: Submerged Anaerobic

Tasting Notes
Wild Berries, Mango, White Chocolate, Vanilla

More About This Coffee
The micromill has changed quite a lot from its beginnings in 2014, including raised beds and greenhouse drying areas and more modernized equipment and tools. Processing at the mill has also changed from the more traditional practices utilized at first, now involving the measurement and tracking of variables like pH and brix degrees to control and influence the final cup profile of each microlot. The first step in processing this lot of Villa Sarchi was to submerge whole cherries in water within a plastic barrel. It was then sealed off from any air creating an anaerobic environment. After fermenting in the plastic barrels for 3-5 days, the fermented cherries are then taken to greenhouses where they are dried for 30–35 days. The dried cherries are then rested for at least two months in the mill’s warehouse before being milled and prepared for export.

About DAK Coffee Roasters
DAK Coffee Roasters is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was founded by two Canadians from Montreal. They select coffees based on their unique tasting profiles and carefully roast them on an IMF machine that provides a high degree of control and consistency to highlight the best flavours of the coffee.

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250g, 1kg


Espresso, Filter


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