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DAK Coffee Roasters | Daisy – Colombia Sidra Carbonic Maceration

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Anise, White Florals, Green Apple, Rosewater


A very elegant Sidra washed carbonic maceration from our friend Sebastian Ramirez. This coffee is full of brightness with lots for anise, rosewater, peach and white floral notes. A truly unique coffee and representative of the meticulous work of Finca El Placer.

Origin: Colombia
Region: Quindio
Farm: Finca El Placer
Producer: Sebastian Ramirez
Altitude: 1750 masl
Varietal: Sidra
Process: Carbonic Maceration

Tasting Notes
Anise, White Florals, Green Apple, Rosewater

More About This Coffee
This lot has undergone a carbonic maceration before being washed. This controlled stage of fermentation takes place inside sealed tanks with CO2 added and helps to advance fermentation whilst slowing down oxygen dependant microbial activity. After harvesting, the whole cherries are placed in the carbonic maceration tank for 24 hours. They are then pulped, the sticky fruit mucilage is then washed off and the clean parchment coffee is laid to dry inside “heldas”, which are polytunnels with retractable rooves. These structures help to regulate temperature and humidity and protect the coffee from rain or excessive heat from the sun, hallowing the coffee to dry in a slow consistent way, essential for quality and longevity.

About DAK Coffee Roasters
DAK Coffee Roasters is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was founded by two Canadians from Montreal. They select coffees based on their unique tasting profiles and carefully roast them on an IMF machine that provides a high degree of control and consistency to highlight the best flavours of the coffee.

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