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Onibus Coffee | El Salvador Mario Selva

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Ripe Grape, Hazelnut, Dried Fig, Clean Finish


Finca Montenevado was purchased by Mario Selva and his family in 2019, as part of an expansion strategy program to produce specialty coffee. Mario is the third generation of coffee farmers, Gregorio Selva, and second of Carlos A Selva. Both coffee farmers are from the Berlin Alegria area.

Finca Montenevado is located at Sierra Tecapa-Chinameca, in one of the highest peaks of the area, with denomination of origin in El Salvador. The farm is at the altitude of 1575 masl and overlooking to the Alegria Lagoon, a natural volcanic crater. The farm is in the process of being re-planted with new quality coffee, also with traditional varieties such as Pacamara and Bourbon. Only 40% of the farm has been replanted by now.

The process of cultivation, fertilization and harvest is performed by local workers, which means the whole process is enriching the local economy. The areas which they are planning to expand in the near future, will have Bourbon, Kenia and Geisha.

Our Pacamara coffee is hand-picked at the right time of the cherry maturation. A fermentation process is in place for a period of 72 hours, after this the coffee is washed followed by a drying process in high beds until it reaches 10.5% moisture. The coffee is then stored in graintech bags until it is ready to export.

Origin: El Salvador
Region: Berlin, Alegria, Usulutan
Farm: Finca Montenevado
Producer: Mario Selva
Varietal: Pacamara
Altitude: 1575 masl
Process: Anaerobic Washed
Tasting Notes: Ripe Grape, Hazelnut, Dried Fig, Clean Finish

About Onibus Coffee
Onibus Coffee is one of the world’s best independent coffee shops and Tokyo’s finest specialty coffee roasters, and was awarded runner-up for the 2019 best roaster award. “ONIBUS” is a Portuguese word that means “public bus” and “for everyone”, strive to delivering everyday coffee and connecting people like a bus.

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