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Onibus Coffee | Kenya Kianderi AA

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Tropical Fruits, Apricot, Bright Acidity, Round Mouthfeel


The Kianderi Factory is located in Kirinyaga, northeast of Nairobi, where factors such as “high altitude,” “volcanic red soil,” “timing and amount of rainfall The coffee has excellent flavor characteristics due to factors such as “high altitude,” “volcanic red soil,” and “rainfall timing and rainfall.

The cooperative is made up of 500 small producers who work together to manage production processing and nurseries. The soil around Mt. Kenya is very fertile red volcanic ash, with two rainy seasons of up to 1000mm of rainfall, and a mild climate with temperatures ranging from 16-26°C.

This is ideal for growing coffee. The coffee is harvested twice a year, in May-June and November-December, and varieties such as SL34, Ruiru 11, and Bachan are grown. Only fully ripe cherries are harvested, pulped within 24 hours with clean water from the nearby Rundu River, fermented for 16 to 24 hours, and then soaked in clean water for 16 to 18 hours.

After washing, the coffee is transferred to African beds for a final drying process that takes 21 days to reach a moisture content of 12%. 3 times a day the coffee is stirred to prevent uneven drying and ensure high quality coffee.

Origin: Kenya
Region: KianderiAA
Farm: Karindundu Factory
Varietal: SL34, Ruiru11, Batian
Altitude: 1550 masl
Process: Fully Washed
Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruits, Apricot, Bright Acidity, Round Mouthfeel

About Onibus Coffee
Onibus Coffee is one of the world’s best independent coffee shops and Tokyo’s finest specialty coffee roasters, and was awarded runner-up for the 2019 best roaster award. “ONIBUS” is a Portuguese word that means “public bus” and “for everyone”, strive to delivering everyday coffee and connecting people like a bus.

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