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Onibus Coffee | Step Blend

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Berry, Citric, Chocolate, Creamy Mouthfeel, Long After Taste


This is a signature blend especially for espresso and available only ONIBUS COFFEE branches. All coffees in this blend gone through high quality fully washing process.
Please take this to home and try with filter. You will enjoy the complex acidity and sweetness.

Blend: Kenya Washed, Guatemala Washed, Ethiopia Washed
Tasting Notes: Berry, Citric, Chocolate, Creamy Mouthfeel, Long After Taste

About Onibus Coffee
Onibus Coffee is one of the world’s best independent coffee shops and Tokyo’s finest specialty coffee roasters, and was awarded runner-up for the 2019 best roaster award. “ONIBUS” is a Portuguese word that means “public bus” and “for everyone”, strive to delivering everyday coffee and connecting people like a bus.

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100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg


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