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CHARR restaurant at RYSE, Autograph Collection in Seoul, South Korea

CHARR | 首爾RYSE酒店現代西餐廳


CHARR是首爾麻浦區RYSE酒店的旗艦餐廳,餐廳將韓國風味與西方經典融合在一起,現在就閱讀我們對CHARR的評論吧 ~

CHARR: 首爾麻浦區RYSE酒店旗艦餐廳

  • 旗艦餐廳: RYSE 酒店旗艦餐廳
  • 韓國fusion料理: 將韓國風味與西方經典菜式融合。
CHARR restaurant at Seoul RYSE Hotel, Autograph Collection,

CHARR is a new gourmet dining restaurant by RYSE Hotel in Seoul, offering an immersive dining concept centered around open fire cooking and a well-balanced harmony of combining hints of Korean flavours with Western classics.

The team behind CHARR prides itself on selectively sourcing only the finest local ingredients: potatoes from Jeongsun, garlic from Uiseong, tomatoes from Gimje, and carrots from Jeju. Savour the one-of-a-kind culinary craftsmanship CHARR presents!

CHARR restaurant at Seoul RYSE Hotel, Autograph Collection,
CHARR restaurant at Seoul RYSE Hotel, Autograph Collection,
Open kitchen

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CHARR: 評論和照片

CHARR rice wine bread at RYSE Hotel Seoul, South Korea
CHARR rice wine bread

This rice wine-infused bread was a pleasant surprise. The subtle fragrance of rice wine, whether paired with butter or vinegar, made a fantastic start to the meal.

Starter: Soup of the Day & Salmon Carpacchio

Soup of the day at RYSE Hotel Seoul restaurant CHARR
Soup of the day

The soup of the day was a creamy potato soup that had a rich and delightful potato flavour. It had a velvety texture and came with crispy garlic bread on the side, making it a comforting and satisfying dish, perfect for warming the stomach during the cold days in Seoul.

Salmon Carpacchio at CHARR in RYSE Hotel Seoul, South Korea
Salmon Carpacchio

The salad greens were fresh and vibrant, accompanied by smoked salmon and salmon roe. It had a refreshing taste, and everything was enjoyable.

Mains: Bone-in Jeju Pork Chop & Seafood Oil Pasta

Bone-in Jeju Pork Chop at CHARR in RYSE Hotel Seoul, South Korea
Bone-in Jeju Pork Chop

This Jeju pork chop was possibly the best pork chop I have ever tasted. It was perfectly grilled, with a slightly crispy exterior and incredibly tender meat. The thickness and the balance of lean and fatty meat were extraordinary. The accompanying sauces, including sour cream and fruit jam, provided a unique and delightful flavour combination. We highly recommend it!

Seafood oil pasta at CHARR in RYSE Hotel Seoul, South Korea
Seafood oil pasta

The homemade pasta had a delicate texture, cooked al dente, providing a satisfying chew. However, the seafood portion was slightly small, with only a scallop and a shrimp. The scallop had a nice flavour while the shrimp could have been fresher.

Dessert: Sour Cheesecake & Chocolate Tart

CHARR sour cheesecake at RYSE, Autograph Collection, in Seoul, South Korea
Sour cheesecake

This dessert had an exquisite presentation. Although it was called a sour cheesecake, it was actually more on the light and airy side, with a delicate cheese flavour. A touch of raspberry added both colour and taste to the cheesecake.

CHARR chocolate tart at RYSE, Autograph Collection, in Seoul, South Korea
Chocolate tart

Another stunning dessert was the chocolate tart. Not only did it have an eye-catching appearance, but it was also incredibly delicious! Other than the buttery crust at the bottom, every layer was made of chocolate. The chocolate flavour was intense, yet not overly sweet or heavy. Each chocolate component provided a different texture, making it a truly special and delightful treat! We highly recommend it!

CHARR: 餐廳資訊

  • 餐廳: CHARR
  • 地址: 4/F RYSE, Autograph Collection (130 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul)
  • 營業時間: 07:00-11:00 (早餐), 12:00-14:30 (lunch), 18:00-22:00 (晚餐)
  • 聯絡電話: +82 2 330 7800 讀者獨家最抵優惠:

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